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E Family Photos | UW Cherry Blossoms | Seattle

This family woke up reaaalllll early with me to make it to the cherry blossoms at University of Washington at sunrise, on a weekday, before *most* of the tourists showed up. My Photoshop skills definitely came in handy to make it look like we had the place to ourselves. I'm so grateful for troopers like this, who will do what it takes to get the best photos!

Steph had outfits picked out way in advance, complete with headbands and even a bow tie for her furry son. She had kid snacks packed, a plan to get her husband outta there to be to work on time, and tons and tons of patience. She managed a potty-training toddler with cold legs, and a dog excited by all the other dogs friends in the quad, but she never even got frazzled enough to smear her make up or mess up her hair. This mom is a pro!

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