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Hi there! I'm Mimi and I would love to make beautiful photos with you. 

What I value most about photography is the ability to freeze time. The right images can vividly remind us of moments, places, and emotions, and traveling through time while looking at them is pure magic.  I get to give people that experience. 


Natural light, soft color, texture, and understated details are some of my favorite things. I love meeting new people, figuring out what makes kids laugh, and capturing genuine joy.


After five years in Seattle, I'm now lucky enough to be based in Phoenix, Arizona. I thoroughly enjoy the opposite extremes that each of these gorgeous places has to offer. I travel regularly to connect with clients all around the Western U.S. and beyond, so wherever you are reading from, don't be a stranger! I may be in your neck of the woods soon!

Photography aside, I am a mom of three, a yogi, a pianist, a California native, an athlete, a food-lover, a traveler, and a forever student. I can't wait to meet you!


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