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Frequently Asked Questions

What do we wear?

Rule #1: Mom chooses what she wants to wear first. Whatever makes her feel beautiful will be your starting point for coordinating the other outfits.


Rule #2: No matching. Choose 2 to 3 main colors and coordinate within that scheme. Select lighter and darker shades in the same hues, or one piece that ties all your colors together. Lighter colors tend to make you appear larger, while darker colors are more slimming. Busy patterns may distract from your lovely face, so I recommend solid colors with subtle details.


Rule #3: When choosing a color scheme, think about what might look best with your personal coloring, but also what could look nice on your wall, with the decor in your home.


Rule #4: Textures and layers photograph well. Consider fabrics that are woven or have dimension. A well-placed scarf or accessory adds balance and interest. Don't over-do the jewelry and make-up unless that's YOU.


Rule #5: Avoid running shoes and white socks. Boots are great. If possible, wear something comfortable, as we'll usually do some walking to get to the best photo spots. Consider the terrain, as well. You might be walking through grass, wet/soft ground, or dirt paths, depending on your shoot location.


Rule #6: Whatever you choose for your children to wear, make sure they are comfortable enough to not get distracted by their outfits or shoes. We want them to be happy and playful. Even the cutest outfit can ruin a photo if it makes your child grumpy.

If you have any trouble, I'm just a text away! Send me a photo of your outfit ideas, and I'm happy to give you my opinion.

You'll receive a digital gallery of your images within 15 days after our shoot. I use a website called SmugMug, so your images are full resolution, not compressed, and delivered immediately once I send you the link. There's no waiting for a disc or proofs in the mail, and you can share the link with your family and friends right away. I'm never late on this.

When will I get my photos?

Will I be able to print my own photos?

Yes! You can print your images wherever you’d like.  Included in your booking price is a gallery of fully edited digital files.


BUT... I really want you to have high quality prints of your high quality photos.  You can order many different sizes right through your gallery from a top professional printing company. I keep these prices very low because it's important to me that you get your photos up on the wall, where you can see them every day, and that all the colors turn out just as they were meant to.  I use this print company for the photos in my own home, as well as photo gifts for the grandparents, so I have plenty of samples to show you before you order.

How do I prepare my kids for our photo shoot?

Good question! I'm all about bribes for kids, so make sure they know that you have a special reward planned for their good behavior and good smiles. An ice cream date afterward is a popular incentive.


If your child is a napper, we'll try to schedule around that. It's best if they're recently rested for photos. If they usually go to bed early, and you have a summer shoot that's a little later (to get the best light), give them a good late nap. I promise it will be worth keeping them up a little later!


Always make sure your kiddos are well-fed before a shoot. Even as adults, we get cranky when we're hungry. I recommend feeding them before they get dressed in their clean photo outfits, and packing a somewhat clean snack (and some wet wipes) for a mid-session snack break.


For some kids, it's helpful to practice smiling and making different faces in the mirror beforehand. It lets them see when they look silly and when they make the faces Mom and Dad like best. Have them practice saying different silly words and watching how their face moves. (You might even want to practice this yourself!) Preparing in this way can help them see that this photo shoot is important to you, and they'll know what to do when it's camera time.

Kids are my favorite. I love making friends with them and finding out what makes them laugh. Please don't worry about their behavior during the shoot -- that's my job! I want you all to be relaxed, and when they're getting direction from multiple adults at once, that can cause anxiety for everyone. I reserve plenty of time for your session so we can have the flexibility to follow their lead. Everything will be great!

Do you travel?

Yes, I love to travel!  When I travel for photography, it's always best if we can get 3-4 sessions booked during my trip. If you have nearby friends or family who want photos the same weekend, you can split the travel costs. Contact me to coordinate details.


I usually make trips to Redding, CA, Phoenix, AZ, and Salt Lake City, UT annually, for personal reasons. If you live in those areas and want to set up a photo shoot while I'm there, send me a message and we can figure out dates! Or, if you follow me on Instagram, I'll try to post what trips I have coming up.

If you are in the Seattle area, but more than 10 miles from my home in Magnolia, a $30 travel fee will be added to your total.

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