© 2016 by Mimi Snow Photography, Seattle, WA


The right images can vividly remind us of moments, places, and emotions, and traveling through time while looking at them is pure magic.  This is what really pulls me into photography -- the ability to freeze time.  I love to help people have that experience.

My photography obsession started as a little girl, secretly swiping my mom's camera and "wasting" precious film on my own inspiration. I'd spend my allowance on disposable Kodaks, until I learned the basics of digital photography from my dad. I joined the photography club in high school and spent hours coordinating silly shoots with friends. As an adult, I've found tremendous value in taking professional classes, attending workshops and conferences, and shaping my skills daily with my amazing clients and children. 


I'm lucky enough to live in Seattle, which offers beautiful backdrops everywhere you look.  Natural light, vivid color, texture, and understated details are some of my favorite things. I love meeting new people, figuring out what makes kids laugh, and capturing genuine joy.

Photography aside, I am a mom, a yogi, a pianist, a California native, an athlete, a food-lover, a traveler, and a forever student. I can't wait to meet you!

Image by Lydia Brewer Photography